Social Networking

How Much Is Too Much When Sharing On Social Networks?


So you finally took the big jump and got into the social networking world.  You’ve set yourself up with a personal account and/or you’re playing a role in building your companies’ brand online through social networks.  But how much should you be sharing?  How much should you be interacting with your market and how much is too little?

WhiteFireSEO published a great infographic recently with a lot of great information when it comes to social networks and how people are using them.  There are a lot of great pieces of info that they share and I’ve posted the link at the end of this blog so you can gather some additional information yourself.  There were a couple of critical elements that are beyond the simple “huh good to know” factor.  The points I’m talking about are actually very helpful in guiding you in what to do and what NOT to do with your interaction.

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9 Questions To Ask When Planning For LED Video Walls


Whether you’ve just been handed the responsibility for your company wide conference in some far off exotic land or you’re an experience trade show event coordinator, you’ll find yourself dealing with production technology and all the requests that go along with it.  One of the most common display formats that is becoming more and more of a standard, for many reasons, are LED walls.  These modular walls can bring a dynamic and brilliant element to any event, but the technology and experience to know how to make them effective can sometimes be daunting.

We’ve had many a call come into our company with people that were often confused with what their options were with no one explaining and helping provide them answers with solutions they should be looking at.

With that in mind, here are some excellent, foundational questions you should make sure you find answers for BEFORE you make the decision for your choices when it comes to LED walls.

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Trade Shows

8 Points That SHOULD NOT BE MISSED When Playing In The Trade Show Big Leagues


Year after year when working on some of the largest trade shows in the world I have found that some of the same mistakes are made over and over again by many people.  The mistakes not only are time consuming, but in more than a few cases have caused burn out, unnecessary budget inflation for show costs. and other problems which could have easily been avoided by taking a dose of common sense along with some key steps.  Many of these mistakes have often inhibited the quality of presentation, eliminated potential opportunities for sales, or flat out gave the perception that products weren’t anywhere close to being ready for market.

Here are 8 Points that you should NOT overlook when playing in the big leagues when it comes to doing trade show events.

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Other Topics

Are You Taking Advantage Of Tablet Computing?


Tablet computing was something a matter of 20 or 30 years ago that you would only see on a Sci-Fi show like Star Trek or some other geek-fest TV programming.  Now Tablet PC’s are becoming a dominate force in everyday work throughout our modern business structures.

People from many different sectors have found a diverse use for them.  From the casual reading and web surfing on the back porch to taking critical notes and messaging in real time to get updates in that important business meeting, they’ve found a place in our technology driven lives.  They’re no longer just a “cool” new toy that the kids are using, but they’re finding very practical use in unique ways.

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